As construction continues at the Airport Height’s School site a big focus is shifting to the work that needs to be done to get the school ready for learning this Fall.

Turn on the water. One of the major projects this summer has been to bring all of the water lines and drains up to current standards. There has been no water at the school since the early part of June. This week, the construction crew will reconnect the main water line to the school, reattach any disconnected lines, pressurize and then sanitize the system so all will be working when our office staff returns to work on July 22.

Kitchen in a classroom. The temporary kitchen is moving to room 20. There is a lot of work being done here to not only prepare the room for this year’s  needs, but also to make it ready for renovation next summer. The temporary kitchen should be ready for equipment the first week of August.

Relo Village is nearing completion. This has been a huge part of the summer plan to get the school ready for students this year. The crews had to first clear and level the pad for the trailers. Then they had to bring in several tons of D1 gravel to make a solid foundation. Next, the relos were brought to Airport Heights from the project at Girdwood. Finally, the crews have been putting in utility poles and running wire to connect the buildings, the IT department is adding the network connectivity we’ll need to manage our programs, and the warehouse crew has been moving the teacher supplies into each teacher’s new location. We’ve still got to add steps. The temporary classroom will be available to teacher on August 12.

Parking lots, walkways, and trees. One of the most noticeable changes to the school is that the whole front yard has been removed for a new parking lot. If you drive by the school today, you’ll see a huge pile of gravel that will be used to set a foundation for the asphalt paving which is set for the 1st week of August. Yesterday, the construction crews were busy clearing another area in the back of the school for an additional parking lot. They had to remove 3 clumps of trees for the project (totaling 8 trees) and we anticipate that a few more trees will need to go before the project is complete. It looks pretty bare and open compared to the old wooded playground. Don’t forget that new trees and foliage will be added before the project is complete and that there used to be three relos out there too– that’s a lot of space that’s been opened up.

The work has also started to repave the playground track that circles the outside of the yard. The original plans had the track running through about 7-8 more trees. The construction team worked with the school district to reroute the track around most of these beautiful birches. In the end, we anticipate the removal of only three more trees to complete the track.

Raising the roof of the gym. The last update noted that the old gym was nearly demolished. The crews are now replacing the old spans on the roof. We will have temporary offices in place of the old stage this year– these too will need to be ready by the time our staff comes back in August.

Foundations for expansion. The foundations have been or are being poured for the new Lifeskills suite and the expanded kindergarten classrooms. The Lifeskills rooms will be completed and open for use in December. The Kindergarten rooms will not be renovated until Winter, but setting the foundation now will help the crews be able to comlpete these renovated spaces before the school year ends.

That’s all for now. I’ll post another update in about two weeks or as needed. As always, please let us know if you have any questions about the project.





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  1. That will be a lot of work. But I am sure you all can make it. Congratulations on all the efforts and of course, for the updates that you are sharing. Keep it up!
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