2016 Climate and Connectedness Student Survey – Grades 3 – 12 only

The 2016 Climate and Connectedness Student Survey is being administered to provide schools with information about perceptions and experiences related to school climate and student connectedness for use in setting school goals and resources. 

This is an annual survey implemented and analyzed by the ASD Assessment and Evaluation department with assistance of the American Institutes of Research. The survey will be taken February 8 – February 26, 2016.

This survey does not require parental permission and is administered to students in grades 3 – 12. If parents would like to request that their student does not complete this survey, please contact your student’s school. This message serves as a notice to parents about this upcoming survey.

Please follow or type this link to review a copy of the survey: http://www.asdk12.org/ae/surveys/climateandconnectedness/

IMG_0594It’s a big day at Airport Heights today because our 1st grade students return and it’s the first day of school for Kindergarten.

Parents and teachers have been working hard and meeting over the past week to make sure we set these kids up for success at school. The rest of the staff and students have been anxiously waiting for the rest of our students to get here.

Today is the day our school becomes complete.

Please join me in wishing these students well on their first day of school. Dream Big Airport Heights!

Free Summer Meals 2014

Free Summer Meals 2014

February designated as Visit Our Schools Month in ASD

All schools open for tours


Community members, businesses and parents are invited to visit any ASD school during the month of February to learn more about the community’s public schools. Tours are scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on every Tuesday at every school. All schools will also hold an evening tour at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 25.

At its recent meeting, the Anchorage School Board designated February as Visit Our Schools Month in the Anchorage School District. While schools welcome members of the public year-round, the resolution supports a coordinated effort during the month of February to provide parents and community members an opportunity to learn more about the many educational opportunities available to them.

Prospective parents may use the tours as an opportunity to visit a variety of schools and programs in order to make informed decisions about which schools best suit their children’s needs.

“There’s a lot of community conversation centering around our public school system. It’s important to understand that ASD’s schools are our community’s schools. As we engage in discussions in how to best educate our students, I invite you to see first-hand the various educational opportunities and experiences that are available to students,” said Ed Graff, ASD superintendent.

ASD’s graduation rate is the highest it’s ever been and the drop-out rate is among the lowest. Many credit these successes to the hard work of students and staff paired with the many educational opportunities available to students.


The Anchorage School District has more than 130 schools and programs with an annual student enrollment of approximately 48,000.


The following videos may be shown in the classroom during the Human Growth and Development and/or the Communicable Diseases units Feb. 3-13th. These videos are available for parent preview on cable channel 14 and on ASD-TV at http://www.asdk12.org/asdtv/. The videos will run in consecutive order beginning at 9 PM on the dates mentioned below.


  • November 1, 7, 16
  • December 3, 5, 7
  • January 9, 11, 22
  • February 6, 10

Time:          9:00 PM – 11:00 PM

  • 9:00 PM- The Immune System: Doing Its Part- 5th grade
  • 9:10 PM – You, Your Body and Puberty – 5th grade
  • 9:35 PM- Growing Up
    This video will not be shown in class. It may be used at home as an additional resource.
  • 9:53 PM – The New Improved Me: Understanding Body Changes- 6th grade

Parents are encouraged to preview the appropriate grade level video and discuss the contents with their child before classroom discussion begins. As always, parents are a child’s first and best resource.

Please contact Ms. Childers, health teacher, with any questions. Thanks! childers_cheryl@asdk12.org




The Airport Heights Community can be proud of the turn out at last night School Board Meeting to support a $22 million renewal of the school. The next step is to seek the approval of the Anchorage Assembly and then the decision is up to Anchorage voters. cropped-DSC_0007.jpg

After delaying the vote a couple of weeks ago, the School Board voted unanimously to approve the ASD Bond Package, including the full renovation of the school. Airport Heights had many community members speak on behalf of the school. The major issues addressed were the need for a safer traffic flow (Sharon Cissna reported that the PTA was addressing this issue 30 years ago!) and the need for adequate upgrades to meet the demands of a 21st century education.

There is still a long way to go in this process. Next, the Anchorage School District will seek the approval of the Anchorage Assembly to include the Bond Proposal on the April ballot. Then the issue will be left to Anchorage voters.


The Airport Heights Renovation  and Renewal Plan will be considered at this Monday’s School Board Meeting. The bonding issue was delayed at the last meeting because the School Board needed more information about the project at Airport Heights.

The School Board meets on Monday, October 21, 2013 at the Anchorage School District Education Center.  If you are interested and would like to tell the Board what you think about this plan you can sign up to testify in person or by phone.

Here’s the link–> http://www.asdk12.org/school_board/testify/

Once the School Board has made its decision, the proposal will then need to be considered by the Anchorage Assembly. This is an extremely important decision that will have potential impacts on the community for many years to come.

AHES_Presentation_Site Master Plan


At long last, the Anchorage School District is offering a new Math program this year. Go Math! instruction is starting in our classrooms this week .

This program is intended to look familiar to parents so that helping student with homework should be easier than our previous curriculum. It is also expected to challenge our students as we move into the Common Core State Standards.

The program is new to our teachers, so, while we’ve been training and getting our hands on the materials, it may take a few sessions to get things running smoothly.

Go Math! includes a variety of resources to help students and families. Students should be receiving log-in information for the Think Central Math site where you can find homework, math activities, and computer based tutoring.

We are expecting a lot of growth in Math at Airport Heights this year. Please let us know if you have any questions or needs to help your students learn. We will host a Math Night in October to help families as well.

Dream Big Airport Heights! (and Go Math!)

The Airport Heights Hydroponic Basil Project is featured on “All Around ASD.” Check it out.

image002Municipal election is next Tuesday
The municipal election is Tuesday, April 2. There is one school bond on the ballot, Proposition 1. The $54.8 million bond package would provide funds to improve 27 school buildings in the community.

  • Girdwood K-8 School construction-$23 million
  • Aurora Elementary School gym addition-$5.75 million
  • Bartlett High School cafeteria and kitchen renovation-$4.7 million
  • Building improvement planning and design projects-$10.7 million
  • Districtwide building life extension projects-$10.65 million

Visit the district’s bonds page for more information.

For more election information, polling locations and FAQs, visit the Muni’s election Web page or call 243-VOTE. Make an informed and educated decision before heading to the polls next week.

Impartial ballot review
The League of Women Voters of Anchorage has put together an impartial review of the propositions on the April ballot. The League of Women Voters of Anchorage is a non-partisan organization that promotes political responsibility through information and active participation in government. Download the ballot review (PDF).

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