Yesterday, our halls (and MPR) were filled with music as the 6th Grade Band & Orchestra presented the annual Winter Concert.

This year, we were also treated to a performance by the Airport Heights choir.

Here are a couple of selections for you to enjoy:



Last week our 6th grade Band & Orchestra students amazed everyone with their musical skill. To think that only a few short months ago, most of these students had never held the instrument they now play is incredible.

The arts are an important part of providing our students with a complete education. Band & Orchestra does more than help students develop music skills, it gives them an opportunity to participate in this curriculum as they move through Middle and High School. When students are a part of something like a Band, Orchestra, or Choir, they are more likely to stay in school. This is one of our Districts major goals.

Thanks to all the 6th grade students that brought the joy of music to our school last Friday. We appreciate all of your hard work. (Practice pays off!)

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