Several of our families and neighbors met during the October 5, Dream Big Saturday to discuss parent involvement goals for Airport Heights this year.

While the school staff continues to plan and look at ways to help our families stay engaged in the school, our best ideas come from the families and community.

We asked three questions at the Cafe:

  1. What does your best family day look like? This questioned is aimed at getting people to think about what their family time looks like, so we can try to make school events fit into what families already do.
  2. When you attend school events, what are your best take-aways? This question helps us look at best parts of the event and focus on what is valuable for families.
  3. What are your goals, needs, and ideas for Airport Heights Family events this year? This question is simply to get our families to help us plan future events.

Parents at the Cafe talked a lot about how to get more families involved. Some of the ideas were to translate invitations into the languages of our families and to provide interpreters for non-English speakers.

The big idea was to make sure that the students wanted to come to the event. It really makes sense that if the kids want to come, they’ll be sure that their parents know when and where the vent it.

We’ve got great families at Airport Heights and are always looking for ways to better serve them.

Look out for upcoming Dream Big events:

November’s Dream Big Saturday will include the annual Turkey Shoot and an opportunity for parents to play/work with kids and win a turkey.

In December, we are hoping to have a Community Pot Luck and Service Day. The idea is to have families share some of their favorite meals and to work on a project to help other families during the holidays.

We hope to see you next time. Dream Big Airport Heights!


Our Dream Big Saturday Kid’s Cafe on Bullying was a big success. Thanks to all who came out to talk about this challenging topic.

Students and parents worked together to discuss bullying:

What is it?

How does it make you feel?

What can we do about it?

In the end, we came to the conclusion that the best way to stop bullying was to keep working against it. The Cafe was a good idea, but the real work comes when we all share in the responsibility to put our plans in action.


Parents and students at Airport Heights work together at a Kid’s Cafe to discuss the topic of bullying.


Participants in the Kid’s Cafe write ideas “on the table.”

SAM_0250 SAM_0253 SAM_0254 SAM_0255


The Campfire Team at Airport Heights hosted a Community Cafe at the Dream Big Saturday Event this past weekend.


  • What dreams to we hold for our kids?
  • How can we make them a reality?


Here is a Wordle representation of the event:CommunityCafeWordle

Thanks to everyone that participated and helped organize the Community Cafe. It is efforts like this that will have a positive impact on our kids for days, weeks, months, years and generations to come.

Now, the hard work of implementation will continue.

Stay tuned for a more detailed recap of the event.

Airport Heights owes a huge thanks to Ms. Mayer’s 5th grade class for hosting an incredible luncheon for some neighborhood VIP’s on Wednesday afternoon. The students have been studying Culinary Arts.

We had several guests including parents, Community Council members, and local business people.

Here are some pictures (we’ll have more on the event soon):

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