Airport Heights will be open this Saturday for scientists of all ages.

Join us for Dream Big Saturday

February 22, 2014

12 pm – 2 pm

Saturday 12-2   Dream Big About Science at Airport Heights

Community volunteers will be showing our students how interesting and exciting science can be.

Answer these questions-

How do we do chemistry everyday?
What is inside a computer?
How do small machines work?
What makes a pine wood derby car go fast?

You can also –

Play with physics.
Learn about the Science Fair.
Use the library to work on Science Fair.

We had three camera crews in our school today, checking out the Dream Big Activities in Ms. Becker’s and Mr. William’s classes.

SAM_0410 SAM_0411Tune in to Channel 11 and or Channel 4 to see Airport Heights in action.

Ms. Becker’s class was demonstrating the strength of the bridges that they made for the Science Structures Unit.

Mr. William’s class was showing off the Holiday Village and Ginger Bread House decorations that they’ve been working on.



th_FireworksAirport Heights School will host our final Dream Big Saturday the school year this weekend, May 11, 2013 from 12pm- 2pm.

We’ve done a lot on our Saturdays this year: School planning through Community Cafe’s, community service projects, Science Fair support workshops, Project K’il Maps, Touch Math for families, SEL activities like family portraits, communication at meals, or a family journal, the Turkey Shoot, and much, much more.

Please join us this Saturday. We’re planning:

  1. Airport Heights Building Design activity: Creating a Learning Signature for Airport Heights. The architects that are working on the design for our new/renewed school will be on hand to get your input on the project. We’re trying to come up with a simple way to say what is best about our school. What is our Learning Signature?
  2. Kid’s Cafe on BullyingWe’re teaming up with Campfire again. This time we’re planning on a cafe for kids to talk about bullying at our school and ways that we can stand up against it. Our Community Cafes have been a great success this year. In this version, we are planning on giving our students a voice as we continue to make Airport Heights a great school.
  3. Kindergarten Round-Up  (12:30) Ms. Moser & Mrs. Haak will be on hand to visit with our incoming Kindergarten families and answer questions about what to expect from Airport Heights for next year. If you know any families that have 5 year olds, please send them our way, we’d love to meet them.
  4. Project K’il Paths and Maps The Title VII team will be on hand to conduct MAPS for our Project K’il boys.
  5. Plant Sale: Ms. Becker’s 6th graders have been growing tomato starts and will have them on sale for your garden!


Last week, our school had a visit from Daysha Eaton of Alaska Public Radio. She wanted to know what the Dream Big Academy was all about.

The story airs on Monday, March 11, 2013. Listen to KNBA 90.3 at 5pm or KSKA 91.1 at 6 pm.

Here’s a link to the story:


Last Saturday, Airport Heights was filled with young scientists and their parents working on their Science Fair Projects at our Dream Big Science Saturday event.

rocketsStudents conducted research in the library, built hot air balloons from tissue paper and launched rockets on the playground.

We’d like to build on this activity in the future and use our Title 1 resources to help our students “reach for the stars” in terms of their science explorations. One idea is to provide “research scholarships” where the school can help fund materials for specific projects that students might not be able to afford.

Our Science Fair has gotten better over the last few years, but we’d really like to see our students applying even more skills and creativity in their projects. The idea of the Dream Big Academy is to get students thinking and building on experiences that will help them choose a career and build skills for success in school, business, as community and family members, and for life.

What do you think? Would you support increased hands on science explorations? A Lego Robotics Club?

The future will be bright for our students so long as we all work together to give them the skills, challenges, and resources necessary to learn and grow.

Dream Big Airport Heights!

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 9.25.12 AMAirport Heights is Dreaming Big in the Follet Challenge.

Our school is trying to win a $60,000 prize for teaching 21 Century Learning Skills and we need your help.

Please help our school!

If you are interested helping Airport Heights Elementary win the Challenge and continue to develop innovative opportunities for our students to learn and gain experiences that will help them be successful in the 21st Century, just visit the link–> Watch the video and vote!

You can vote every day.


While our students and staff were on break over the last two weeks, our hydroponic garden was still at work and the basil looks terrific!

SAM_0189 SAM_0190 SAM_0191The seeds were started back in September and now we’re ready to use some of these delectable herbs.

Our 6th grade gardeners will be marketing and packaging the basil for sale to staff at the school and Anchorage’s Table 6 restaurant.

This project is an extension of our Dream Big Academy Garden Club and incorporates the “Grown in Alaska” goals of the Alaska Department of Agriculture.

Participation in this project teaches students about science, math, commerce, economics, and entrepreneurship.

Stay tuned to see what’s growing at Airport Heights.

Do you remember the project that Ms. Becker had planned for her 6th graders to study economics and small business with the use of a sewing machine? Here’s the link to the original article asking for help to purchase a sewing machine.

Well, the kids (and some parents) have been sewing, and sewing, and sewing, and have some pretty cool items to share.

Here is Ms. Becker’s letter thanking everyone from Donor’s Choose for helping with the project:

Thank you for the wonderful gift of the sewing machine! I have been able to teach several students and adults to sew. Students have been making various products to sell for our 6th grade business, such as the tote bags you see in the photos. The fabric was generously donated by ScanHome furniture store. Students also enjoyed making their own hats and mittens. We also set up the sewing machine during a Saturday open house, and it was fun to have parents drop by and sew hats for their children. The best thing about the sewing machine is that it is a high quality, durable machine, and I know we will enjoy it for years to come. Thanks again.

With gratitude,
Ms. Becker

Ms. Moser’s Kindergarten students set a goal to collect $20 for the Heifer Project.

Heifer International’s mission is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and care for the Earth.

It all started with a cow… read more about the Heifer Project.

Ms. Moser helped put 10¢ in each cup and the students counted out each row of 10 as a dollar. They’ve collected $21 so far.

Today, the students met their goal and have decided to keep saving. Some of the students want to buy rabbits, others want to buy chickens, and still others would like to save enough money to buy someone a goat. Most of the student even traded in their award stickers for pennies to add the cause.

These students are learning about math, charity, food, culture, and sacrifice. Thank you Ms. Moser’s Class for caring enough about others to take on this project. If this is what these kids can accomplish in Kindergarten just imagine what they will do in the future.

DREAM BIG Airport Heights Kindergarten!

As a part of Alaska Native Heritage Month, Airport Heights was fortunate to have a visit from one of our parents, Manuel Tumulak Jr.

The following report was filed by Ms. Therriault’s class:

On Wednesday, October 31, 2012, Mr. Manuel Tumulak came to visit Airport Heights Elementary to share his culture with the kids. He is Tlingit, a Raven-Coho from Frog House.

Mr. Tumulak explained about his culture while showing us cool and interesting artifacts. We learned many things from him. Some of the amazing facts we learned are following:

  • The Tlingit people traded many things to the Russian Trading Company.
  • Raven can only marry people from the Eagle clan.
  • You get your mother’s side (Raven or Eagle).
  • Human and animal hair are used to make head dresses.
  • In order to trade hats and other things the Tlingits would use canoes to travel through the water, rather than go over the land.
  • The Tlingit people grow their hair long until it drags on the ground in dread locks as a part of their culture.
  • They would cut people’s hair as a sign of disrespect.
  • We also learned how they used animal parts from skin to whiskers as a part of their regalia.
  • Walrus whiskers are used for Shukyets.

We learned a lot of exciting information about the Tlingit culture. It was really fun. We would like to thank Mr. Tumulak for taking time to come to speak to us. We hope he can visit again.

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