The Dream Big After School program is in full swing at Airport Heights Elementary this week. Here is a little bit of what the kids are up to:

Garden Club

The students will complete our harvest and prepare the beds for the winter by removing dead plants and adding compost to the soil.  We will provide maintenance to community flower plots.

SEL Standards/ Assets:

  • Student uses positive communication skills to interact effectively with others.
  • Student demonstrates awareness of his/her personal traits.

Language/ Math Standards:

  • Vocabulary development—plant and soil science

Caring Cards Club

The club is making lots of different kinds of cards to give to friends at school who are sick, and to share with Alaska Regional Hospital’s patients too.

Social Emotional Learning Standard

  • 3B Students demonstrate consideration for others and a desire to positively contribute to their community.


Here is more on the work students at Airport Heights have been doing in the Dream Big After School Program. Last week, the “Helping Hands” group made place mats for the patients at Regional Hospital.

The idea is to send a get well soon message from the kids at Airport Heights. Take a look at the work of these young artists:

Alaska Regional Hospital is our school business partner. They help us with Red Ribbon Week and support our Food Backpack Program. This is our way of saying thanks to Alaska Regional and doing our part to be a good neighbor in the community.

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