Please join us on Wednesday in celebrating student successes during the fourth quarter of the 2011-12 school year. Also, some of our primary classes will be showcasing works begun during the 2011-12 Artist in Schools residency with Eddie Wood.

Recognition Assembly & Works in Progress Show • Airport Heights Gym
Wednesday, May 16 • 9:15-10:30

Airport Heights 5th Graders in Ms. Mayer’s are sounding off on their learning of Geometry and the shapes in the world around them.

Here’s what some of them had to say:
Aras “I learned that convex polygons look nothing like what I thought a polygon looks like.” “Geometry is fun when there are circles involved.”

Tai “A concave polygon is squished in.” “Geometry is really fun.”

Sereina “Geometry can be fun. Geometry requires a lot of work. Geometry is fun when we make 3-D shapes.”

Lou – “It is complicated.”

Gabriel “There are more sides to a shape than I thought.”

Calista – “geometry is interesting.”

Last week’s Question of the Week asked “how we can restructure our school to increase student achievement.” This is what some of our 5th and 6th grade students had to say:

“I would improve reading by having Library for a longer time. Improve writing by having a one hour writing lesson.”

“The school should get books that students from this generation will read.”

“I could help the school learn much better by making the teachers stick to the subject to let students understand better. Have more homework. Read more books.”

“Give us more homework to do.”

“I think teachers should take things more slowly, like math.”

“They are already doing good in teaching math. You can also exercise to stay focused in Math, Reading, and Writing. Teach slow so some get it, because they develop slowly.”

“We should move around more, so we can think better.”

“One way we can restructure our school in Reading, Writing, and math is to have a teacher explain the subject thoroughly. Sometimes teachers just give us homework without us (students) even understanding what it is about.”

“I think we should have vending machines, so the school could make money and students could get some healthy snacks. Then the healthy snacks help the brain!”

“I think we should do nothing about it. We should not change anything, I think.”

“I think we should have PE every day, so we can focus more and it helps your brain concentrate and it makes you strong and healthy.”

As you can see, our students have a lot to say about Airport Heights. If you have something to say, we’d love to hear your comments. We are truly interested in building a school that represents our community, strives for student achievement, and helps all of our students prepare for success in life.

The the “all school” field trip to Grand Derangement was a great success.
Airport Heights students represented their school and community very well and our families and parents should be proud (I know that staff at school is!)

We all owe a big thanks to the PTA for funding this trip and to Ms. Becker for organizing the whole event.

Hooray for Airport Heights Elementary!

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