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Dear Parents,
Welcome to the new school year! I am looking forward to working with you and your child, and pleased to announce our school will be participating in the Healthy Futures Challenge this year.
The contest will run for three months, September, October and November. In addition to students winning prizes, our school can win up to a $600 grant for equipment or educational materials that support the mission of developing the habit of daily physical activity. The top three schools with the highest percentage of participation will then be awarded grants.

What is Healthy Futures? Founded by concerned parents, Healthy Futures is a statewide, grassroots movement to help youth build positive, lifelong physical fitness habits through two core programs: the Healthy Futures Activity Log Challenge and promoting youth attendance at local recreational events.

Why Healthy Futures? Kids are not as active as they should be. They need daily vigorous physical activity to build strength, endurance, healthy muscles and bones or they may face tough problems like obesity, anxiety, and lower self-esteem. At Airport Heights, we are committed to helping students develop the skills, knowledge and desire they need in order to be physically active now and for the rest of their lives. Parents and the community also play a critical role in the solution for healthier, active children by providing motivation, encouragement and daily opportunities for recreation beyond the classroom.

How does your child participate in Healthy Futures? With your encouragement, your child participates in physical activity for a consecutive 4-week period. This year our logs will be kept in the health classroom and students will record their activity for the week when they attend health class. The goal is a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity with increased heart rate three times a week for four consecutive weeks outside of the physical education classroom. I will in turn, send in completed logs in exchange for exciting prizes, including the chance to win a grand prize sports package of their choice, worth up to $300.

This is a wonderful program that is sure to benefit your child and our school. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ve included a website that list activities the whole family can enjoy.

Ms. Cheryl Childers, health teacher

CTW 2014 Airport Heights

In an effort to know a little more about one another in our school community the PTA wanted to try highlighting a new community member periodically.  We hope that you enjoy getting to know more about each other.

sarah pic Sarah Smith

Sarah and her husband, Steve have two children.  They have lived in the Airport Heights neighborhood for 5 years.  Their daughter is in the 3rd grade, Ms. Tavares’ class and their son is in the 6th grade, Mrs. Van Gorder’s class.

Some of their family favorites are:

  • Local Restaurant:  Jamico’s Pizzeria
    Movie: Despicable Me
  • Game:  UNO
  • Winter Activity: Sledding
  • School Events:  Popcorn Fridays & Book Fairs

Sarah first became active in our school community by volunteering an hour a week assisting her children’s teachers making copies and laminating artwork.  She says it was a great way to peripherally observe the school day in action.  Being present in the copying room was also an informal way to get to know the staff.  Not to mention that the teachers really value the assistance.

Sarah began attending PTA meetings 3 years ago.  She recalls only 5 parents were in attendance and how glad Mrs. Dickey and Mr. Webb were to finally have that many.  Since then her focus has been to simply provide a helping hand where there have been needs.  As she has met more parents, she realized that there are many, many parents very willing to help at the school, despite not being able to attend PTA meetings.  She began to consider the value of having someone focus on generating communication and relationships with our parent community.  So, this year Sarah became the PTA membership chair and indirectly a volunteer coordinator.

Her greatest joy of being involved in the school has been getting to know other parents.  “It is nice to go to the school and know a little about the people you see, even if it is as simple as a name and their children.  It makes the school feel more of a community for me.  I used to worry about the burnout of the few people involved.  I am seeing a lot more involvement and fresh enthusiasm this year from both parents and staff.  I hope that this momentum continues because we truly have a great community of people willing to invest in our school with just a little guidance and encouragement.  And the kids truly enjoy seeing us involved!”

During the most recent Dream Big Academy, Airport Heights 5th and 6th graders have been studying engineering, physics, and structures. the students were tasked to build a bridge and held a contest to see which design would hold the most “live load.” More on the contest later. In the meantime, here’s a video that the student made about the project:

Here’s the KTVA Channel 11 clip from Mr. William’s Ginger Bread Village:

Are you interested in helping Airport Heights school? Here are some volunteer opportunities from the Library.
Pile of Books1) Library Book Doctor— Job requires spending about an hour with librarian to learn about fixing books. A year long commitment to help fix damaged books. May take materials home to do work from home or at the school on your schedule. Librarian can contact when there are damaged books to be picked up.

2) Library Care Taker— Job is one hour per week in the library. Help take care of the library. May schedule the hour whenever available. Includes: watering plants, dusting, shelving books, general cleaning up.

3) Open Library Aide— M, T, W, or F from 8:30 to 9:00 AM. Can choose any day or days that work for you. Helping students locate books and check out books before school.

If you’re interested please contact Mrs. Hannam at the school. 742-4550 or email:

Calling all volunteers!

Would you be interested in reading to our students? We’d love to invite you to read during our regular lunch periods. Students eat in the classrooms at Airport Heights so we’d love to have volunteers come a share a story or two while the kids eat. We’ll supply the books, you supply the voice! If you’d like to sign up, just call the office and will put you on the schedule. 742-4550

Lunch is from 11:15- 1:20, but you don’t need to stay the whole time. Here are the available times:

  • Kindergarten 11:20-11:45
  • Grades 1 & 4  11:45-12:05
  • Grades 2 & 3 12:20- 12:45
  • Grades 5 & 6 1:00- 1:25

photo Thanks to First Book, Airport Heights librarian, Mrs. Hannam, and 4th grade teacher, Mr. Cromer, were able to pick up several cases of books to GIVE to our students.


We are very grateful to First Book and can’t wait to start giving these books to our students.

The more you read, the more you know. Dream Big Airport Heights!

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The classrooms at Airport Heights are shaping up and the teachers are anxious to fill the seats with our wonderful students. Please join us this afternoon for the annual PTA Back to School BBQ, where you can see class lists and get a chance to meet your child’s teacher.

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When: 4:30

Where: Airport Heights School Playground (we’ll move to the gym if it’s raining)

We’ll be serving hot dogs and drinks.


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