Next Thursday starts the annual Standards Based Assessments (SBA) in all of our schools. Our 4th grade students take the Science Test on Thursday and grade 3-5 take Reading, Writing, and Math the following week.

The test is designed to see how much progress our students have made over the year. Students have been working hard this year and there is every reason to think that Airport Heights students will do well on this assessment.

The National Association of Elementary School Principal’s offers this advice for parents trying to help students “Do their best on the test”:


This week Airport Heights  will be participating in the State of Alaska’s Standards Based Assessments (SBA). We actually started with the 4th grade science test last Thursday. This week, grades 3-6 will focus on Reading, Writing and Math.

Parents can help their children “do their best on the test” in many ways. Here are some tips to help families:

  1. Help students get a good night’s rest — A well rested brain and body will help students focus and give their best effort.
  2. Provide a healthy breakfast. Getting off to a nutritious start is good for students on any day. When testing comes, we want kids to be thinking about their work, not their stomachs. If possible, feed your child a balanced breakfast including some protein for the brain (cheese, meat, yogurt). If your child gets breakfast at school, please be sure to get them here on time, so they can relax and eat before the test.
  3. Get students to school on time. We want students here on time, so they don’t feel rushed and out of sorts during test. When they arrive late and see the other students already working, it can create unneeded stress.
  4. Encourage students. Our students have been working hard all year, and this test is a chance to show what they’ve learned. Parents and family members can encourage students be reminding them of what they know, how hard they’ve worked, and that their best effort is all that we can expect of them.
  5. Ask about test. Help students understand the importance of the assessment by asking questions like:How was testing today? Were there any easy questions? Were there some hard questions? Did you remember to take your time and think? Are you ready for tomorrow?

For more information on the SBA Tests, check out the ASD website:

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