Ms. Mayer’s 5th grade class from Airport Heights Elementary traveled to Table 6 in mid-town Anchorage this morning to start a Culinary Arts unit that will look at several aspects of the food service industry.

Table 6 chef/owner Alex Perez addressed the class and talked about what it takes to be in the restaurant business. “We really need people who are excited about what they do and can come to work ready to learn and be a part of a team.” He went on to share that the skills that students are learning in school right now are critical in the restaurant business. “There is Math in everything that we do. That’s why we have calculators all over the place.”

Chef Perez also shared that to be successful in the workplace, employees need to be conscientious and on time.

Here’s what some of our students had to say after the trip:

The art on the walls was very creative.  Sereina
The people that work in restaurants have to use math.  Tristan
You need teamwork to run a restaurant.  Bao
The ingredients made it smell good.  Luke
It was interesting because the kitchen was big.  Tristan

Should Airport Heights Elementary develop a Career Academy to help students learn about jobs, and how to use school to prepare for the future?

Community input makes Airport Heights a better place. Airport Heights belongs to the people of Anchorage. One of our goals is to make this the School of Choice for the people that live in our neighborhood. There is no reason that the families of Airport Heights should not have access to the best education and opportunities for learning that are available in Anchorage. To this end, we need you to help us design and improve this school to meet your needs.

Our staff has concluded that our current SEL weeks have proven to be a valuable addition to the learning at our school. In the future, we’d like to continue to develop these focus weeks by creating a Career Academy for our students.
The vision is to connect our instruction to the career paths of our students by exposing them to a variety of jobs, career fields, and technical tools that will help them make the most of their K-12 education. We plan to integrate these opportunities with Social and Emotional Learning and use this as a vehicle to really make Airport Heights stand out as a great place for kids to learn and grow. We anticipate that this model will help us work with the community, local employers and access new resources (like the King Career Center).

What do you think?

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