PTA LogoThe Airport Heights PTA is hosting a Community Cafe during our Dream Big Saturday this weekend to look at ways we can build a stronger partnership between the PTA and Community Council.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

12-1 pm at Airport Heights School

Light refreshments will be served

Interested community members can contact the school if they are able to attend the event. 742-4550. We’ve got limited space at the event so an RSVP is much appreciated.

Airport Heights Elementary is hosting another Dream Big Saturday this weekend. We have a lot of great events planned and hope our families can make it over to the school on Saturday, January 12, 2013 from 12-2 pm.

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This months events include:

  1. Community Cafe– Co-hosted by the Airport Heights Campfire Team, we will be discussing the Dreams we (as parents) have for our kids and how Campfire and the school can help. (This event has limited seating.)
  2. Student Dreams Activity- There will be an art center in the Main Hallway for students to make posters and draw pictures of themselves that will tell us about their dream.
  3. Touch Math Workshop for parents– Mrs. G will be helping parents (and students) learn how to help students with math Computation using Touch Math.
  4. Jump Rope for Heart– Mrs. Childers will be in the gym helping kids and parents get healthy by jumping rope.

Let us know if you have questions about Dream Big Saturday, or ideas that you’d like to pass on about how we can help parents at this event.

Dream Big Airport Heights!

Last night, the Airport Heights Campfire Team hosted a Community Cafe. Parents, Campfire Staff, and School Staff got together to take a look at the community and how we can serve our families.

Campfire Site Director, Myrna DeCota Said, “I just think the parents really engaged. It was more than I hoped for. It was good for parents to get together and talk about the kids.”

One element of the Cafe that parents really appreciated was the child care the was provided. One parent commented that she’d really like to get more involved with events like this, but it is just not possible when you’ve got kids.

While the parents were meeting in the library, the kids were having a Community Cafe of their own. They worked as a team and made a model community out of clay.

Thanks to everyone that participated in this terrific event. Campfire is planning on more of these events next year and the school leadership team is going to look at this model as a way of getting parent input on school initiatives and improvement plans.

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