In an effort to know a little more about one another in our school community the PTA wanted to try highlighting a new community member periodically.  We hope that you enjoy getting to know more about each other.

sarah pic Sarah Smith

Sarah and her husband, Steve have two children.  They have lived in the Airport Heights neighborhood for 5 years.  Their daughter is in the 3rd grade, Ms. Tavares’ class and their son is in the 6th grade, Mrs. Van Gorder’s class.

Some of their family favorites are:

  • Local Restaurant:  Jamico’s Pizzeria
    Movie: Despicable Me
  • Game:  UNO
  • Winter Activity: Sledding
  • School Events:  Popcorn Fridays & Book Fairs

Sarah first became active in our school community by volunteering an hour a week assisting her children’s teachers making copies and laminating artwork.  She says it was a great way to peripherally observe the school day in action.  Being present in the copying room was also an informal way to get to know the staff.  Not to mention that the teachers really value the assistance.

Sarah began attending PTA meetings 3 years ago.  She recalls only 5 parents were in attendance and how glad Mrs. Dickey and Mr. Webb were to finally have that many.  Since then her focus has been to simply provide a helping hand where there have been needs.  As she has met more parents, she realized that there are many, many parents very willing to help at the school, despite not being able to attend PTA meetings.  She began to consider the value of having someone focus on generating communication and relationships with our parent community.  So, this year Sarah became the PTA membership chair and indirectly a volunteer coordinator.

Her greatest joy of being involved in the school has been getting to know other parents.  “It is nice to go to the school and know a little about the people you see, even if it is as simple as a name and their children.  It makes the school feel more of a community for me.  I used to worry about the burnout of the few people involved.  I am seeing a lot more involvement and fresh enthusiasm this year from both parents and staff.  I hope that this momentum continues because we truly have a great community of people willing to invest in our school with just a little guidance and encouragement.  And the kids truly enjoy seeing us involved!”

Joanne Parent is the PTA President. She has been the president for the past 2 years. She has grown up in Airport Heights, went to school at APH and has worked here as well. Joanne has also been an active member of our community for many years. She has coached various sports for 23 years and a Girl Scout Leader.

Joanne is well educated and feels strongly about education. She supports our school and our principal. Of Mr. Webb she says, “I think our principal is thinking outside the box and leads by walking around. He is one of the best, most involved leaders I have seen in the district. You know this is true when you see the excellence he brings out in his staff. He also makes me want to be involved because someone cares and is actually making things happen”.

Joanne also loves to have fun. You will often run into her at the various school events volunteers and providing exciting opportunities for our students. If you see her please stop and introduce yourself or come to the next PTA meeting and join her in the efforts to change the face of education and create wonderful opportunities for our students. is a great place to learn “what’s happening” at school.

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We have a lot to share.

We will continue to send newsletters home every other week and of course are at your service by phone or if you come by the school.

As we look at next year’s plans for improving Airport Heights and building a school that truly brings out the best in our students, we had an idea…

We are working on a Saturday Program next year that would include opportunities for parents, family members and people from the community to share something with our kids. Maybe it’s as simple as a game of checkers, or some stories, or a game of basketball. Our kids need to spend time with positive role models and see that they have an important part in the community.

Would you be willing to spend an hour or two at the school on a Saturday to share something with our students?

Like we said, your part could be simple, or it might be something fantastic! Maybe you’re a hunter and could share stories from the filed. Maybe you’re an artist and could help some kids create! Maybe you’re a grandmother and could teach our kids about babysitting. Maybe you’re an uncle and would like to play some basketball. Maybe you would just like to come and watch and be a part of the school.

What do you think? If you could have some time to share something with the students at our school, what would you do?

Please let us know if you’d be willing to help with this project next year. (Or at least think about it.) We’ll have more information available in the Fall.

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