The Garden Club was busy at the end of the school year!  We had about three weeks after the snow melted.  Students built two new raised beds and planted potatoes, sunflower seeds and gladiolas.  The two other raised beds will hold carrots, and the flower bed still needs to be planted.  25% of our produce will be donated to Bean’s Café, and the rest will go to the students of Airport Heights.  Summer watering and weeding will be done by the kids of the Camp Fire program, which will be meeting at Airport Heights this summer.

Students put the finishing touches on a new raised bed for the garden club.

The new beds were made possible by our award from the National Gardening Association, a $500 gift card to Home Depot, as well as a $250 grant from the women educators of Delta Kappa Gamma.  We also appreciate our donations from Alaska Mill & Feed, Ella Randazzo’s Family, and Polly, an Airport Heights neighbor who loved our flowers last year!

Our SEL After School Program continues this week with a lot of engaging activities designed to help kids connect Social Emotional Skills with careers, culture and the community.


The Hospital Friends group has been making trinkets and favors to be donated to our School Business Partners at Alaska Regional Hospital. The idea is to have Airport Heights students create some cheerful, “get well” messages that can be delivered to hospital patients on their food trays. Alaska Regional has done a lot for the school over the years, especially as a partner in our Red Ribbon Week Activities. This project is a chance for our students to do something positive for our partners and the community.

It’s good because we’re helping kids from the hospital. We want everybody to be safe. I like helping people so they can feel better. I want to make them happy so they won’t be lonely.

–Sarah Grade 3

The SEL Standard addressed in the activity is that:

Students demonstrate consideration for others and a desire to positively contribute to their community.

The project also addresses  Alaska Developmental Assets 8 & 9.

Asset 8: Child has useful roles in the community.

Asset 9: Child serves others in the community.

The SEL After School Program at Airport Heights runs through May 3, 2012. Please give us a call if you have any questions about our efforts to develop good citizens and contributing members of the community. (907-742-4550)

On Tuesday, Airport Heights Elementary started our Spring SEL (Social Emotional Learning) After School Program. This is an opportunity for students and teachers to participate in fun and creative activities while developing Social Emotional Learning competencies.
In one class, Nurse Brown and Ms. Becker have teamed up to teach An Introduction to Tap Dancing. Students in this activity will:

  1. demonstrate awareness of personal traits
  2. use positive communication and social skills to interact effectively with others.

 Here’s some of the work from the first day.


Over the next two weeks, will be highlighting some of the work from this program. Look for Super Hero Art, Polar Bear Press, Math Derby, and more.
The program is in session for the next two weeks on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.There are still some spots available– contact the school office for more information 742-4550.
The program is funded through Title I.


One of our major goals at Airport Heights over the last few years has been to improve the overall climate and student behavior at the school. This will always be a priority at the school as we strive to maintain a safe learning environment where students can learn and grow.

Here, we’d like to share some very positive news about Airport Heights. In the first three quarters of the 2011-2012 school year, our office behavior referrals are down by over 400%!

Airport Heights Behavior Referrals

Our students are having a terrific year and we’d just like to say thank you to all of the parents that are sending their kids to school ready to participate and learn.

We’re not done yet (and if you look closely at the chart you can see that we’ve had some challenging years at the school). We believe all of our kids can learn and we are dedicated to helping them become upstanding and contributing citizens as they grow. Our plan is to continue to deliver a strong academic program that is balanced with Social and Emotional Learning to meet the needs of all our students.

As this year’s SBA test wind down, we are anticipating that the improved climate at the school will translate into improved achievement for our students.

We’ll keep you posted.


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